London EV Charger Installation Cost

London EV Charger Installation Price Guide

Adoption of electric cars means infrastructure for their use has to be developed. Public charging stations were once the way forward, but home chargers are enjoying a boost. They are cheaper to use over time and also give you added convenience.

However, before installation, you need to know just how much you’d need to commit to it. You’d also need to know what government grants exist to help ease the burden of the EV charger installation prices.

London EV Charger Installation

London EV Charger Installation

All this information and more is covered here.

Factors Affecting Electric Car Charging Installation Costs

There are a few factors that affect the installation costs of your electric car, and they are;

  • Type of Connector

Electric car chargers have two types of connectors, type 1 and type 2. The majority of electric cars have type 2 connectors, but a sizable number of cars also use type 1 connectors. This means that you have to be sure what type of connector your vehicle uses and take this into consideration when getting a charger.

  • Speed of charger

Electric car chargers are generally fast or slow, with some notable exceptions like Tesla’s superchargers. Fast chargers deliver up to 22kW, which charges an electric vehicle in under 4 hours.

Of course, they are much pricier than the slow chargers that deliver a max of 3.7 kW. This is basically trickle charging, but it can be the wiser choice for you based on your driving needs.

  • EV charger brand

EV chargers are produced by different brands just like smartphones have different makers, ranging from Apple to Samsung and the rest. As a result their capacities are not the same, even if their abilities are largely the same (they are all electric car chargers).

The brands range from the upstarts like ClipperCreek to the established players like Bosch. So, you need the advice of an experienced installer who will take into consideration your unique needs before recommending a charger brand for you.

  • Smart Chargers

Smart chargers cost more than the regular chargers, but they pay back their costs handsomely. You are able to schedule when to charge, so you can get a schedule that takes advantage of the off-peak hours when prices for electricity are low.

You can also control smart chargers remotely, giving you greater convenience. They also qualify for the OLEV grant, which should help you recoup some of your initial investment in installing them.

  • Use of Green Energy

A charger that works with solar energy/wind energy will be cheaper to use in the long term than those connected to the electricity mains. Green energy eliminates the payment of electricity tariffs permanently.

It also helps on the journey to sustainability in energy usage, which was the major reasoning behind the creation of electric cars in the first place.

Electric Car Charger Installation Cost

To install an electric car charger, the cost on average is £650 to £1000. This covers the price of the chargers and the installation fees.

Per adventure the price is too steep for you, you can take advantage of the OLEV grant subsidy that gives you back up to £350 on the installation of your charger. You can also get some additional sum of money from the Energy Saving Trust.

Joined together, this would help you chop off a good amount of money from the total amount due for Home EV charger Installation London.

Installation Timeframe to Install Electric Car Charger

Installation of home EV chargers generally takes between 2 to 5 hours, but this time frame only works for straightforward installations. If the installation is complicated or the installation area has to be prepared before installation commences, then the installation time would lengthen.

London EV Charger Installation

London EV Charger Installation

The same goes for installation of electric car chargers in commercial premises.

Government Funding Available

For users of electric cars, it is very possible to use the option of the OLEV grant to drastically reduce EV charger installation costs.

First, what is OLEV? OLEV, or the Office for Low Emission Vehicles, has a major purpose of supporting the introduction of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles, and to build the infrastructure to support it.

This is the reason for the OLEV grant. With the OLEV government grant, you can reduce your EV charger installation cost by a maximum of £350.

As with every grant, there are eligibility requirements, and they are as follows;

  • You must be registered as an owner or a leaseholder of an electric car
  • Your vehicle must be eligible under the scheme. The scheme is open to both electrical and hybrid cars.
  • You must have off street parking
  • The EV charger must be placed at least 10m from your electricity distribution board
  • Your home EV charger installation must be done by an OLEV approved installer
  • Your electric car was purchased after October 1, 2016
  • You have not already used the grant for your vehicle
  • Your home EV charger is a smart charger; it must be able to connect to the internet to allow for operating remotely.

Cost of Charging an Electric Car

The cost of charging an electric car is split in two ways; home charging and public charging.

  • Home Charging

For this to happen, you’ve got to have your charger installed. Asides from the initial cost of installing one, all you have to pay for when home charging is the cost of electricity. This makes home charging a cheaper method for charging your electric car.

You can also maintain a structure for charging your electric car. For instance, you can decide to charge your car at night so it’ll be ready for use during the day. This means that you’ll be able to take advantage of the off-peak period at night. As a result, you’d pay less in electricity tariffs.

  • Public Charging

There are two things that are very important for public charging to work for you. First, you have to find a public charging company with tariffs you can afford easily. And lastly, you must find one that has the kind of connector your car needs.

Most electric cars have a type 2 connector, but just in case you’re using one with a type 1 connector, you’d have to find a public charging company with charging stations that have type 1 connectors.

London EV Charger Installation

London EV Charger Installation

Another thing with public charging is that the speed of charging is usually faster than those of home chargers. Most home chargers can get your car to 80% battery in 4-6 hours, which is slower than most public chargers that can do the same in 45 minutes.

The following table gives a breakdown of the prices involved for both home charging and public charging.

Charging location Amount of charge Cost
Home 100% £5
Public 80% £6-£10

Can I install it myself?

Electric car charger installation should not be installed using DIY methods. It requires a high level of professional expertise that isn’t possible for the average Joe. The only exception to this rule is if you’re an electrician who has experience with installing EV chargers. If you’re not, then for your own safety and peace of mind, go for a professional.

Of course, going for a professional means you’d have to pay a sizable amount for purchase and installation, but it is worth it. The alternative, which is doing it yourself, exposes you to dangers such as;

  • Losing out on the warranty of your charger as a result of a professional not installing it
  • Running the risk of a fire hazard as a result of improper installation
  • Getting in trouble with the law due to a lack of appropriate documentation for your home EV charger installation

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